Smug Music is one of South Africa 's leading independent music and entertainment companies. They have the experience and expertise to rally themselves in this mostly monopolised territory.

Smug Music can boast amongst its clients some of the top companies in the world where they have been called in to help promote and launch various events.

Smug Music is now moving more and more forward into the world of technology. Besides the CD's & DVD's, Smug Music has also produced 2 travel/documentary shows for TV, called "Go & Discover..." Now available on DVD. They have also been commissioned to help with various TV music shows in South Africa.

Together with their colleagues in London , Smug Music has build a reputable DVD Karaoke range, called the “Huge Karaoke Hits” series amongst others, that is now sold in various countries around the world. They are the leaders of the Karaoke DVD business in South Africa. There new range is called "KARAOKE CHART ATTACK" and like all others has been very well received. They are consistently on the look out for new product to include in their catalogue. Smug Music offers a wide variety of product, but still keeps it fresh and attractive to their customers.

Smug Music has now crossed over into the world of mobile, and have together with a partner build a mobile download platform that can be used anywhere in the world. Boasting the biggest content available for downloads on your mobile phone. For more information send an email.

Smug Music, the independent with a mayor attitude.

Smug Music also has an office in London.

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